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Habibe Kadiri Girls High School

The right to free and compulsory education is one of the most fundamental of all human rights. After decades of war, basic education in Afghanistan, especially for girls, had totally disappeared.

Under the Taleban rule, from 1996 to 2001, female education was banned. Women and girls were excluded from all aspects of Afghan educational life, from primary school to university.

The reconstruction of the Afghan educational system which started after the fall of Taleban in 2001 is still far from complete. There are still millions of students living in rural areas, many in refugee camps, who continue to be denied their right to education.

Akcha, like many other towns and villages across Afghanistan, is a remote town where girls and boys still need to walk more than a kilometer only to gather in makeshift classrooms or under torn tents for basic education.

By early 2007, Barakat Company had devoted more that USD 600,000 to construct a primary school with 16 classrooms and modern facilities for the education of girls. The school is one of the very few schools in Afghanistan equipped with computers, laboratory room, conference hall, and air conditioning/heating system. High voltage generator is being used to maintain regular power supply.

Upon completion, the school was turned over to the Turkish Ministry of Education to implement modern education system. Textbooks and other necessities were delivered from Turkey. Twenty qualified female teachers were recruited from Turkey in order to teach the more than 500 girl students the curriculum as per Turkish educational system. All textbooks and necessities are distributed to students free of charge and education is free with entrance based on examination.

20th of October 2008, with the official inauguration of Habibe Kadiri High School taking place, the lives of more than 500 girls and their families would change forever. In a remote town, where till date no government official from Kabul had ever put foot, the Foreign Minister of Turkey and delegation would arrive for the inauguration ceremony. As the students lined up to enter classrooms and meet their teachers who had travelled from far abroad, heads were filled with dreams of becoming doctors and engineers. A generation of educated students would arise, capable of lifting their country up again. These girls would still face much hurdle to realize their dreams. Yet, on this day, there was much hope. It could be seen in their faces.

We believe for the right of girls to reach their full potential and contribute to society. The face of an educated girl best symbolizes the fight against poverty. Education is the symbol of progress.