BELARUS tractors

produced by Minsk Tractor Works in Belarus, have been serving the Afghan farmers for more than 3 decades. Belarus range of tractors is well known for their performance, reliability and exceptional value for money.   

Minsk Tractor Works, established in May 1946, is one of the largest manufacturers of tractors in the world. More than 3 Million units of Belarus tractors successfully operate in over 100 countries around the world all year round in various climate and soil conditions.

Barakat Company Ltd.

As the exclusive distributor of Minsk Tractor Works since 2002, Barakat Company Limited has been supplying the Afghan market with the dependable and durable line of Belarus Tractors.  

The availability of Belarus Tractors in Afghanistan for several decades is proof that Belarus tractors are best suitable for the landscape and extreme weather conditions throughout Afghanistan.

Tractors are delivered to Barakat Company Ltd. directly from the factory in Minsk. After thorough pre-delivery inspection, the tractors are ready for delivery to our Dealers and Customers.

Stocks of tractors and spare parts are always available to meet demand of individual farmers, government ministries and aid organizations based anywhere in Afghanistan.

Barakat Company, in cooperation with Afghan Finance Company, also supports the local farmers directly by supplying them with tractors on long term loans.

Genuine spare parts and tractor implements are available in warehouses in Mazari Sharif, Kabul and Herat and can be delivered to any location in Afghanistan within a couple of days. After sales service is warranted by qualified service centers.

Grain harvesters of Russian origin, Yenisey brand, are also available for sale and lease.

Belarus 510 (pdf)
Maneuverable and easy to operate 47 hp tractor, aimed primarily at horticulture and amenity sectors.

Belarus 82.1 (pdf)
Versatile and economical 82 hp tractor 4WD tractor - the Afghan farmers' favorite tractor for decades!

Grain Combine Harvester (pdf)