AP&G Group

One of the distinctive providers of fuel energy in Afghanistan. AP&G operations have brought better quality, higher value for price enabling AP&G to contribute in providing Afghanistan the means of energy for a safer and healthier future.

AP&G has currently 25% of Afghanistan fuel market share, and is involved in import, storing and distribution of petrol, diesel and LPG via its subsidiaries; Afghan National Petroleum, SUNGAS and SUNPETROL.

Although AP&G only bears 25% of the Afghan fuel market, it is planning to expand by increasing its Afghan National Petroleum fuel storages, SUNGAS storages and refilling stations and SUNPETROL Stations to fulfill the growing market needs in Afghanistan for reliable energy.

Not only our mission is to provide energy, but to provide significantly safer and healthier energy in the most safest and affective way.

AP&G is one of the most market efficient and environmentally lawful companies of Afghanistan, by having products and services of higher value for price.

Cleaner energy with relatively very high quality enables AP&G to be the provider of energy for a safer and healthier future.

Although our revenues are estimated to increase by 36% this year, we are planning to expand into more LPG refilling facilities and petrol stations across the country. Our investments have proven profitability and growth and thus as a result re-investment is more achievable.

We sure have the potential to expand nationwide given our company performance for the previous years leaving no doubts and increase in our determination to provide more and better. For further information please visit   www.apggroup.net

As a subsidary of AP&G group, Afghan National Petroleum brings petroleum
products such as LPG, Diesel and Petrol to Afghanistan from Russia, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan. ANP currently has eight fuel oil storage tankers in Kabul and Hairatan.  www.anpltd.com

Prioritizing security, safety, and quality management throughout the organisation from storing to delivering cylinders to the final customer, SUNGAS is involved with storage, refilling and door to door distribution of SUNGAS LPG cylinders to the people of Afghanistan.  www.sungas.net

With objectives to expand nationwide, SUNPETROL with its high quality petroleum products and segment based customer card services is currently operational in Mazar Sharif, Kabul and Herat.  www.sunpetrol.com